Safety Training

As a service of Economy Rental Centre, safety training is available for the Construction, Industrial, and Agricultural industries. We have formed an alliance with Majors McGuire for all our training services. They have a full training facility here on our property in   Leamington. For more information about safety training and courses available please “click” on the MORE SAFETY INFO button below.

At Economy Rental Centre we fully agree and support Majors McGuire’s commitment to keep you “Out Of Harm’s Way”.
Listed below are some of the courses offered by Majors McGuire:

WORKING AT HEIGHTS Meets MOL Working At Heights Legislative Requirements; Fall Hazard Awareness; Options For & Choosing the Correct Equipment; Equipment Inspections; Rescue Planning; Equipment Demonstration of Ladders, Harnesses, Guardrail Systems, etc.

LIFT TRUCK SAFETY Legislative Requirements & Responsibilities; Pre-Shift Inspections; Safe Operating & Load Handling Procedures; Propane Exchange & Battery Handling Safety

ELEVATED WORK PLATFORM Legislative Requirements & Responsibilities; Types of EWPs & Stability Principles; Pre-Shift Inspections; Safe Operating & Load Handling Procedures; Equipment Use, Inspection & Maintenance; Fall Prevention & Fall Arrest Systems & Procedures

SCAFFOLDS SAFETY Legislative Requirements & Responsibilities; Basic Types of Scaffolds; Proper Selection of Equipment; Basic Components of Scaffolds; Proper Usage of Scaffolds; Scaffold Stability & Platforms

BASICS OF FALL ARREST This course is intended as a general awareness course to teach participants about the hazards associated with falls, the legislative requirements pertaining to fall hazards and the safe work practices that should be followed to ensure the health or safety of workers performing fall hazard related work

WSIB COMPLIANT FIRST AID & CPR TRAINING PROGRAMS Majors McGuire Inc. provides First Aid and CPR –  WSIB Regulation 1101 Recognized Training Programs

LOCKOUT TAGOUT Legislative Requirements & Responsibilities; Supervisors & Workers Responsibilities; Identifying & Assessing Energy Hazards; Controlling Energy Hazards

CONFINED SPACE ENTRY & ATTENDANT Legislative Requirements & Responsibilities; Physical Hazards & Permits; E & A Responsibilities; PPE Requirements; Hazardous Atmospheres & Air Testing

CHAINSAW SAFETY Legislated requirements & responsibilities; definitions & enforcement of laws; risks associated with usage (physical dangers/ chemical exposure/ guarding) PPE selection & use; chainsaw selection, safety features, handling/hazard recognition & precautions


Lift Training from Economy Rental Centre in Leamingtonharness - equipment training from Economy Rental Centre Leamington