ALbee Customer Owned Industrial Gas Cylinders

ALbee ‘The Ready-to-Use’ Cylinder.

ALbee industrial gas cylinders are designed for the DIY homeowner and light industrial professionals, belonging to the world of services, mainly: plumbers, heating and ventilation professionals and auto-repair and mechanics, and agriculture.

Faster – ALbee is ready-to-use. Simply hook-up your torch hoses.
Safer – Total protection of the regulator valve at all times. ALbee is controlled by Air Liquide at each filling.
Easier – ALbee is more portable. You can carry it anywhere. Level of gas visible at all times.
More Economical – No Rental Fees, No lost time – gas level shown at all times. No waste. No regulators to buy or maintain.

ALbee industrial gas cylinders are yours to own! Ask about our trade-in program.

Oxygen 86cf
Acetylene 75cf
Weld (Argon/CO2) Mig Mix 81cf
Argon (Pure) 80cf

Ergonomic handle – Easier to move and safer to carry.
ON/OFF lever– You can always see if it’s ON. Very easy to open and close.Integrated regulator fully protected at all times – Greater safety for the user. Tested and inspected by Air Liquide at each fill.
Easy to set – With the graduated knob you can set and read the operating pressure very easily.
Easy connection – Comes with a standard B-size connection.
Pressure gauge – Whether the lever is positioned at ON or OFF, you can see the level of gas in the cylinder with the glimpse of an eye.
More Economical – own it and use as much gas as you need.